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I'm craving gooey brownies and chicken nuggets (The type you cook at home, not from a fast food place)

what about you?
I am a kemetic pagan. Kemeticism is really relaxed about how you approach the gods. From antiquity, people who worship our gods never really were very god-fearing. In the ancient texts etc, there is a heap load of people who threaten the gods and create hilarious jokes about the gods, so seeing as the most of us try to recreate the religion, we take the same approach to our gods.

Of course this isn't how all religions treat their gods, but hey, variety is the spice of life. We don't tell others they're treating the gods wrong, and others don't tell us how to practice our religion

oh wait.

Others do tell us how to practice our religion. They get pissy and call us stupid and disrespectful and tell us we're going to get smote (lolwat), and they're so so so offended at our jokes.

I mean, I don't go up to a christian, or hellenic pagan (who take their gods super seriously, and who generally are the people who get pissy at us)  they're taking their gods too serious and they need to chill out and make fun of their gods.  I've never, ever seen a kemetic do that. but other people feel the need to tell us we're practising our own religion wrong?

Like, you don't know shit all about the religion,  but you think you can tell me about it.  get fucked.

bonus complaint: my grandfather said  cooking a xmas cake is too expensive. I said I'd buy the ingredients and then he got pissy. lolwat
In the past few days:


me and my grandma were the only ones home I heard a female voice speaking, I thought it sounded like my sister, and then my grandma yells out 'what did you just say?' I told that I thought it was her talking.


me and my siblings were in the loungeroom, my grandpa was asleep, nan is in hospital. our stairs are loud, you can clearly hear when people are walking upstairs. we all clearly heard someone  walking up the stairs. it was clearly step, step, step, step, not a house creaking.

my brother and grandfather were in the granny flat downstairs, my sister was out. I was walking up the stairs when all of a sudden there was movement at my eye level, then clanging, and 4 steps in front of me I noticed something bouncing around. it stops, I pick it up, and it's a 50c coin

I was home alone  I walked down to my bathroom. as I was walking around the house, I was turning off unnecessary electrical things. my sister's room, the toilet room, and the bathroom are in a U shape, with the bathroom and my sister's room facing each other. someone had left the toilet fan and light on. when I turned them off, I was literally standing in my sister's room's doorway. She has a ceiling fan, and it's really loud, like you can hear it in all the bedrooms, loud  you can't miss it (this is important later) it was definitely NOT on.  I went and had a shower, and as soon as I turned the water off, I could hear the fan going.

I can sorta explain away  1 and 4.  maybe someone was talking outside, and maybe I just didn't notice the fan... but I can't explain away the middle two. I am alone and scared. if anyone can think of how they  happened, it'd be very helpful!!
I'm on these awesome anti depressants Moclobemide (aurorix)  .  Literally, I have no side effects at all. Most people would probably take that for granted, but I got the full hog on  Desvenlafaxine (pristiq)  which I was taking before this. I was so out of it, so numb, so tired,  I can't even really remember what happened, and when I stopped taking it I got the worst withdrawal symptoms, including severe depersonalization, nausea and  fucking brain zaps (it's kinda like a painless but uncomfortable sensation of electricity running through your head, and well, you know when a game lags/stalls, and all of of a sudden everything happens really fast?  yup. that happens too. 

SO I really, really appreciate these.

but they are a bugger to get. Not a single pharmacy I know of stocks them, no matter where I go to, I have to get them ordered in.

and I'm super super stressed at the moment. family things and working every day of the week really takes it out of me, amongst some other hard shit going on in my life.

I went to take my tablets tonight and I have none. I wont be able to order any until monday, and then I have to wait like a week from there.  LUCKILY I don't get any withdrawal symptoms from it, (thank fuck for that)


anti-complaint: I cooked the best stir fry today, which everyone LOVED I made up sweet potato gnocchi,and made up pancake batter for the morning, which is A LOT more than I've been able to do recently.…

Well, Today I learned:

Emotionally abusing someone is legal! It's called "having a bad personality" and it's not something that you should be punished for. Your partner committed suicide because you were a scheming, manipulative asshole? pfff, it's OK. It's not like you're hitting her, or anything. :roll:

This is not the first time he's been brought to court because of his behaviour, in 2010, a woman who he abused begged for him to be sentenced to mandatory therapy, to 'prevent this from happening again.'…

thanx aus. really really fucking proud right now.
does anyone know where to get a nice looking bag, that'd fit a 15 inch laptop? preferably one that doesn't cost a fortune?

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I'm racist =  I don't think people are disadvantaged by being white, and I think your over-reaction is hilarious. :lmao:
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On the contrary, you believe that every white person has an inherent advantage, just because of the color of their skin. Because of this prejudicial belief, you feel okay dismissing our concerns about systematic racism as "white tears."

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divine--apathia Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
When was the last time you were beaten to a pulp because you're white? When was the last time you were stripped searched because you were white? When was the last time you got told to 'go to your own country'?
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Hello! D'you live in Brisbane too?
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